Dozy New Year

January 2, 2005

Yesterday was a belated Christmas gift – the temperature was almost 60 degrees! It was a perfect day. I eschewed all invitations in favor of the opportunity to sack out on the sofa, watch some TV, and play some games. Thor and I played HIS game yesterday – Dark Age of Camelot. Yes, in this house we have his and her MMORPGs. His: Dark Age of Camelot. Hers: City of Heroes with an Asheron’s Call account that gets played occasionally.

This is when the tough times come. The warm lights are being plucked from the neighboring houses. Trees that spent years growing toward one or two glorious weeks of use are being dumped by the curb. (I’m not a big tree-hugger environmentalist at all, but I find the whole live Christmas tree tradition ghastly – my tree is of the plastic and wire variety) And many stores have taken down their “Happy Holidays” decor altogether.

Now…to muddle through the unforgiving winter and wait for the first scent of spring dampness in the air.

Two more days of my 3 day weekend await. I plan to exert as little effort during them as possible.

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