Noblesse oblige

December 31, 2004

I’ve just spent 48 minutes fixing other peoples’ mistakes on the website. When the holidays come, jobs get carelessly phoned in, and the result CAN look something like this: (link only good for 7 days). Naturally, I’m the one who gets the hate mail sent at 6:15 am saying, “ur site sucks ur sports stories are messed up.” So I’m the one fixing it this morning.

Noblesse oblige.

That’s a French phrase that I learned back in grade 10 – French III Honors, by a teacher who made the language I loved to learn so miserable that I quit taking it. She’d heap on the homework and papers nightly, weekends, and over holidays. When we’d hint that we, in fact, had 5 other classes going, she’d utter, “noblesse oblige.” It meant that those who were in higher positions (like a French III Honors class or an Online Manager job) had much more responsibility to uphold.

(My comeuppance: Switching to Spanish I in grade 11. Walking into Spanish II my senior year and seeing that miserable French bint teaching the class. She said “welcome back” to me in French.)

Today I fly solo at work again. I plan to spend my time updating our recipe database, so I hope no HUGE news happens. We’re usually all sent home early on these days anyway.

Tonight we’ll head to cousin Sue’s house for New Year’s Eve “festivities.” Mom is our designated driver. Hope I stay awake until midnight.

Yesterday Thor and I made a donation to the Red Cross to aid the Tsunami victims. I did it even though some silly UN gent said the US citizens should be TAXED MORE so that we could provide more aid. Even though I’m quite convinced that if the same tragedy happened here, the rest of the world would hardly open their pockets for us.

Noblesse oblige.

Tomorrow: The return to the beets, prunes, and water diet! 😉
PS: Yesterday was my second bloggiversary! I wonder how many first blog posts begin with “Hello?” or “Test?”

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