Sheer Insanity

November 10, 2004

Sheer Insanity

  • 50,000 words a day divided by 30 days = 1,667 words per day.
  • 1,667 words per day multiplied by 10 days in November = 16,670 words = where I should be today.
  • 50,000 words minus 8,315 words (what I’ve written so far)divided by 20 days (what I have left in this month) = 2,085 words nightly to reach my goal.

Why I signed up for this homework assignment also known as National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) is beyond me.

My novel is called Tumble Dry and it is by far the worst example of Chick Lit out there. I could have written a bodice-ripper. I could have written a killer psycho serial killer novel. I could have written some sort of fantasy novel. But no. I started writing and ended up with Chick Lit.

The premise: Each chapter starts on a Tuesday night at a Laundromat, where the Main Character is doing her laundry. Something triggers a flashback of what occurred the prior week. It could be a stain on a shirt, a receipt in a pant pocket, other people in the laundromat, whatever. The novel takes place over a year, and naturally by the end of the novel the main character is happy, skinnier, more confident. Blah blah blah.

Total tripe. But if I get to 50,000 by 11/30, I’ll be able to call myself a novelist. Which would be pretty darn cool.

And just so you know it’s possible, my Mom is also doing this, and has over 18,000 words. Plus, I’m certain her house is cleaner than mine. And that she’s actually cooked and eaten meals.

I’ll be at the NaNoWriMo meet tomorrow night at the Starbucks in Marlton. I’m hoping to surpass the 10K word mark then.

And because Coworker (aka “East Coast”) Damon (not to be confused with the millions of Damons I know) expressed disappointment that I haven’t mentioned his name on my blog lately, I give him this: Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon Damon.

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