The Beautiful Briny

October 22, 2004

Last night after dinner, Thor and I stood on the deck and gazed at the stars. Our ship had been at sea all day, and we were surrounded by absolutely nothing but ocean. But as the moonbeams shimmered on the ocean, it felt totally natural. Man has been travelling on the water for ages, and now I know why. Sure, you can get someplace faster in an airplane, but cruise ships have such grace and elegance!

There’s a Disney Cruise Lines representative up on the fourth deck. Her job is simply to book cruises. There is no pressure to re-book, other than the 10% discount and $200 shipboard credit next time, yet there are always people in line waiting for her.

I have a strong suspicion that we’ll be in that line tonight.

We spent today on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. Thor and I parasailed 400 feet above the Caribbean Sea. We sipped fruity drinks by Serenity Bay, the beach reserved for ages 18 and over. We rented floats and floated upon the aquamarine waters.

Sign at beach: Beware of shark, barracuda, sea anemone, sea urchins, sea lice and fire coral. Gah!!

It was a gorgeous end to a fantastic vacation. Tonight they’re collecting our bags at 7pm. Tomorrow we’re being kicked off at 9am and bussed back to the airport so that USAirways can make us their plaything some more.

My unlimited Internet connection ends at 8am, so chances are I won’t be updating again until after I return home. I have two cards worth of photos to share, but first I have a dog and some cats to reacquaint myself with.

The weatherpixie says it’s 54 degrees in NJ. 🙁

Pirate’s fave fast-food joint? Yes, Dr. Dave, it’s Arrrrrrrrrrr-bys.

PS Bingo makes Baby Jesus cry.

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