Aug 25 2004 Catching up with old friends…

August 25, 2004

Catching up with old friends…

Throughout my whole life, I’ve only watched one soap — The Young and the Restless — and I only watched it in college and maybe the first 2 years after graduation. I caught a glimpse of it yesterday and, amazed, decided to use my Comcast DVR service to record today’s episode. Amazing what happens in 10 years on soaps…

  • Phyllis, who was an obsessed homicidal maniac when I last watched 10 years ago, is now an executive for Jabot Cosmetics.
  • Michael Baldwin, who was a homicidal sexual predator 10 years ago, is now apparently an upstanding citizen, and friends with the woman he stalked.
  • Jill Abbott, nemesis of Kay Chancellor 10 years ago, is now Kay’s daughter.
  • Nikki just remembered today that when she was a little girl, she was playing with her drunk dad’s gun and accidentally blew the brains out of her best friend.
  • Lily Winters, who was an infant 10 years ago, is now in her late teens and was almost date raped in today’s episode. Ten years from NOW, her attempted rapist will probably be mayor of Genoa City.

    And Victor Newman and Jack Abbott have aged tremendously, but still make me smile! Especially when Jack says, “There is definately evidence of malfeasance here.” (fans self)

    I wonder what happened to Hope, the blind farm girl with whom Victor stayed whilst the rest of Genoa City thought he was dead?

    Yeah. I’ll record tomorrow’s episode. It’s like seeing old friends again!

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