Corey Haim

August 18, 2004

Dammit! I typed out a HUUUUGE post, and through some freaky keystroke, lost it all. (sigh)

Wt: Scale kept fluctuating between 157.0 (+1.5) and 155.2 (-.3). But I’m not losing hope.

Breakfast: Quaker Oatmeal Bowl. I discovered that it’s better to put water in the bowl and microwave it than just using the hot water from the water cooler.

Lunch: Life Choice Beef Tips and a half of a banana. The other half was rotten.

Exercise: For the THIRD day in a row, I went to the gym. Did 23 minutes on the treadmill (1.51 miles), 10 assisted chinups and 60 stomach crunches. I’m trying. I really am.

Dinner: Unknown. I want fast food but will probably settle for a chicken wrap thingy.

Last night’s dream: I’m in Las Vegas, with no other way to get home than to take a Greyhound bus to Atlantic City. (I checked that schedule just now. It would cost $182 and take almost 3 whole days and 2 bus transfers to accomplish. I’d travel by way of Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Philly, and Atlantic City.) I’m obviously pretty broke from my stay. So I buy a bunch of snacks and board the bus. It looks like a rock star’s touring bus, with sofas, TVs, and plushy seats. In other words, nothing like a real Greyhound bus.

Then, Corey Haim boards the bus. THE Corey Haim. The Corey Haim whom I have not thought about in at least a decade and a half. He’s also headed Eastward; his final destination being New York City to meet with his agent. It’s evident that he’s low on cash as well, to put it nicely.

As the bus trundles across the country, Corey and I start chatting and sharing snacks. It was pretty relaxing. Finally, he confided in me that it’s very difficult for an actor in his late twenties to find work.

“Late twenties?” I exclaim, laughing. “You are not in your late twenties. You’re older than I am…and I’m practially 32.”

“You’re wrong,” he replied huffily. “How would YOU know how old I am anyway?”

“Simple!” I say as I take some of his Doritos. “I used to read all the teen magazines when I was young: Tiger Beat, 16, and Bop! I remember you being older.”

Corey’s eye lit up. “Did you read them for stuff about me?”

“Nah. I was into the New Kids on the Block. But that’s not the point. You’re fibbing to me, Corey.”

He pouted and sunk into the seat miserably. “Just don’t tell my agent.”

At that point my alarm went off. What a crazy dream! So the first thing I do when I become lucid is bound down to my computer and pull up Corey’s biographical info on

He was born in 1971. Take THAT, Corey Haim! Ha!

For what it’s worth, I was never a fan of Mr. Haim’s. I much preferred Jason Bateman.

And I can’t believe I typed all that out TWICE.

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