Something Went Wrong

June 27, 2004

When I was a kid, on summer vacation, I used to rue the day that I’d become a working person. (Funny, as a kid, I never had the ‘I’m going to stay home and have babies’ mindset)

Now, it’s happened. I basically will away 5/7ths of my life, and try desperately to embrace that scant 2/7ths that’s left over.

It’s especially apparent on evenings like tonight, where I dread tomorrow.

Because Something Went Wrong.

The project is under my jurisdiction, but most of the things happening with it are out of my control. We tested the New Thing. And it worked. But once we moved the New Thing from the test server to the live server, Something Went Wrong. Because the test server doesn’t mirror the live server exactly. None of us working with the New Thing anticipated a problem.

So I scooted into work for a skosh today to see what I could do, but the person who could fix it is off today (understandable).

The good news is that I know what Went Wrong. And I’m sure that the mistake can be righted easily. But I have to actually go in and tell the very people that I told on Friday that all would be well, that Something Went Wrong.

And oh, how I dread that.


However, this weekend, Some Things Went Right. Here’s a little list, to try and chase away my trembles about tomorrow…

  • I gave Max a haircut, using some clippers I bought at Petsmart. It’s not high fashion, but he’s a lot cooler.
  • Thor applied Weed & Feed to our backyard. Our opening salvo against the dandelions, clover, and strawberries (!!) in our lawn.
  • The weather was gorgeous.
  • We went food shopping!
  • We met another neighbor, an older gentleman a few doors down with the Catherine Zeta-Joneses of lawns. He gave us landscaping tips.
  • Our street has a block party!! It’s on 7/17, and we’ll get to meet everyone on my street and an intersecting street. How fun!

    Five days until a 3-day weekend. But first I need to get through tomorrow.

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