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May 3, 2004
  • The Hundred Dollar Tube of Retin-A is working miracles. I no longer look or feel hideous. It’s not like I was burned in a fire or slashed in the face, but being 31 and having scars from acne is the suck. After 10 days on the stuff (plus some anti-biotic for good measure) I feel like — for the first time in many months — I can go out without makeup.
  • I finally tore open a box to find the wayward pizza stone. Turns out it was in the unsealed, half-packed box that was in the kitchen. Damn pizza stone. (By the way, that post is even funnier if you envision the pizza stone having a French accent)
  • FreezerBurn 2.0 (with new database technology!) is coming soon, I promise. I know I said it’d be up 5/1. The code works. Now I’m just prettying it up.
  • The moving company quoted us a cheaper price than what we planned on. Two weeks from now, I’ll be laying in my new bed in my new house. With the same dog laying across my same foot.

    I’m loving it!

    From age 18 until today, I hated McDonald’s. The only time I’d partake is for my annual Shamrock Shake in March. But that fruit and walnut salad they advertise on TV now looks so yummy. So this morning, I swung there for breakfast to try their fruit and yogurt parfait. Very good, with real fruit and crumbled granola. Only 130 calories and $1.06 total. For lunch, I went back (to a different McD’s to avoid embarrassment) and had their Fiesta Salad (sans sour cream) for lunch. VERY good, and only 350 calories. Who woulda thunk I could eat healthfully at McDonald’s?

    Tonight was the Courier-Post’s annual Best of South Jersey party. Each year the readers vote for the best “whatever” in different categories (Hair salon, hoagies, DJs, etc) and the winners show their wares at the party. Naturally, I was all over the food. I also got my hair braided in a ‘heart’ braid. I was told I look like a St. Pauli Girl. 😉

    From 8-9pm was dancing. The live band was Don’t Call me Francis (warning, noisy website) and WOW they were fantastic. I danced my feet into bloody stumps.

    And THEN they played “Hey Ya.” And your hostess here shook it like a Polaroid picture. I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.

    Speaking of, tomorrow Mom, John and I are going to see the Phillies play at Citizen Bank Park tomorrow night. My first time in the new stadium! (Thor works at 11pm…he’ll be sleeping…I don’t purposefully leave him out of my plans.) I’ll be sure to bring my camera.

    OK. To bed with me.

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