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7th Wedding Anniversary!

April 5, 2004

Happy Anniversary to Thor and me!

There have been a lot of great times sprinkled with some sad times and some difficult times. But I’m happy. And he is too. So I think I’ll renew the lease on my marriage for another year. 🙂

The sun is JUST rising now – darn Daylight Saving time. I miss the joy of having the sun greet me at 5:30 am when my alarm goes off. Then again, now I get the privilege of laying here in bed and watching the sun rise. Watching a sunrise recharges my soul.

Reasons why today will suck:

  • I’m out of the office at a seminar tomorrow and Wednesday — so all reports have to be done today.
  • My clothes are strewn ALL over the place — more than usual, I mean. I have no idea what I’m wearing or where it is.
  • In a fit of optimism, I told Mom I’d meet her at the gym at 5:45. The gym!
  • We’re having technical issues with the Courier-Post website that I’m still having to hash out. I notice them. 99% of people won’t. My email box will be fat with emails from the 1% who did notice, and assume that I have no idea what’s going on with my own site.
  • SOMEBODY in this apartment turned the heat off last night. It feels like 50 degrees in here.

    Edited on 9/20/08 to add: So I’m going back through my posts to give them all titles, which has taken me over a year to do. And I read this. Just so you know, he first asked for the divorce 4 months after I wrote this.

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