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House-hunting progress

March 2, 2004

I’m sure the world will forgive me if I blog a little during lunch. I’m taking a moment away from the EOM to journal the house-hunting progress.

Last night at 5:30 pm, we went to visit a charming little split-level house that was just put up for sale. The owners are the original owners — they had been at the house for all 43 years of its existence — and were only leaving because it was becoming difficult for them to do stairs. It’s a very sweet little house, and upon entering the foyer, I could immediately imagine it belonging to Thor and me. The spacious back yard was enclosed by a high fence — perfect for my Max. There was a large bay window in the living room — tailor-made for two lazy cats. And a brick fireplace for perennially-chilly me. 🙂

We’re so new at this. Even though the home was opened up to us, it felt as if we were infringing on this couple’s privacy. All it took was a glance at the wall to realize that at one time a large and loving family called this house a home. And maybe in the future, we’ll start our own large and lovely family in that home.

Thor and I decided to make a bid for the asking price of the house. Our Real Estate Agent drove us from the house to the Broker’s office, and we filled out the official form. For the first time ever, we had to name a date that we could feasibly move into the house. We chose April 5 — our 7 year anniversary. For the first time ever, it seemed real: we were really going to get a house!

After the bid was faxed, we went to Chez Elena Wu for dinner. We ate in relative silence, shellshocked at the monumental purchase ahead.

Last night, I realized that I had little more than 30 days left in the old apartment.

And this afternoon, I found out we were outbid. 😉

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