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February 24, 2004

A few mini-rants…

I watched the finale of My Big, Fat, Obnoxious Fiance last night. Ugh. I thought Randi was a shallow witch when I saw the first episode. Now I know that shallowness is genetic, thanks to meeting her family. Long story short, Steve (the big, fat, obnoxious guy) breaks out of character before his “I do” to let the family know that it’s fake. Mom, loser brother, mute brother, and whining sister get the hell out of Dodge. Dad stays at the altar because he didn’t want to abandon Randi. The producers convince the rest of the family to go back outside to the wedding site and hear them out. Steve says that he’s an actor, and that the show changed and is now about a family’s love for each other. Randi bawls that she did this all for the money so she could help THEM. Whatever, Randi. IN short, Randi gets $500,000, the family splits $500,000. Steve says that Randi’s a nice, kind person. (Kim: wha?) Family is assuaged once they know that they’re getting some bling. Everyone watches clips of when Randi and Steve first met. End.

Note to my Jewish friends: Speaking to you as a Catholic and a rational human being (yes, they can coexist in the same body), I believe that Jesus was turned over to the Romans by the Jewish temple elders because they saw him as a threat and a heretic. That doesn’t mean that I hate Jews. I don’t blame an entire populace for something a handful of people did thousands of years ago. My Church doesn’t blame you. Yes, Mel Gibson’s dad may be a wack-job anti-Semitic, but there are anti-Semitics out there who aren’t Catholic. Calm down. The Passion of the Christ is just a movie. And one that I won’t be seeing, mainly because I don’t feel like watching a man being beaten within an inch of his life, and then crucified.

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow. Dunno what I’m giving up for Lent. The obvious is Starbucks coffee. So many varieties of warm caffeinated beverages. I look forward to going to Starbucks. So if I’m going to give up something for Lent, it has to be something that will prick a bit. So maybe I *should* go and- …….

Ack! Coffee and Coping in 5 minutes…gotta fly! 😉

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