Another exercise in disrupted plans

February 22, 2004

Tonight, MomandI had tickets to the Wings game, located at the Wachovia Center.

Once upon a time in Philadelphia, we had a stadium that served our baseball and football teams. It was old, and could have used work, but it was far from horrible. However, we now live in an era where people want stadiums with gourmet food (hot dogs? how gauche!), playgrounds (heaven forfend children sit and watch the game), and views (um…shouldn’t you be watching the GAME?)

So a new football stadium was built. And a new baseball stadium is being built. Both for teams that are, frankly, less than deserving of new digs. But the venerable old stadium is still there, awaiting implosion. Having two new huge stadiums/entertainment complexes sucked up a lot of space that was originally for parking.

There must have been an event happening at the Wachovia Spectrum tonight, because it took MomandI 40 minutes to travel the 3 miles to the Sports Complex from the bridge. And the only parking left was behind the new football stadium. Which would have made for a 3/4 mile walk. Usually, we’d be up for it, but Mom’s knees are sore from a tumble, and it was darn cold out.

So we went to Bucca di Beppo for dinner instead! Gimme carbs!

In other news, I picked up new glasses today. They’re a pretty big departure from my usual wirerimmed frames. These frames are a brown plastic ‘horn rimmed’ style. Five years ago and five years from now they’d be seen as nerdy. But today, I like them.

Played DAoC but missed Brian and Marilyn because I was getting my glasses when they were on. Oops… 🙁

Edited on 5/19/08 to add: Four years later you’re still wearing those frames and they’re still stylish. Who knew? Then again, we have one more year to prove 2004-Kim right.

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