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January 19, 2004

I have Horizons running on my desktop next to me. As I mine gems and ore (a process which consists of clicking the resource, clicking ‘gather’ and waiting), I surf on the laptop, which I have set up on a tray table. Caelia managed to drag her sorry elven butt to level 12 druid and level 13 jeweler. Most of my guild mates are above level 20, so I’m playing catchup as usual. I just don’t have the wherewithal to play for hours on end every day anymore.

The Wings suffered a devastating loss last night to the Rochester Knighthawks. Mom, John & I attended the game with about 14,000 others. I love that sport. Unfortunately, they started with an Eagles Pep Rally, which I swear is the most inane thing to do. Why, why, WHY kill the home-opener crowd’s excitement about the Wings by trying to redirect that energy toward the Eagles?

And as usual the Eagles blew their SuperBowl chances by losing the NFC division game to Carolina. It’s a lonely world out there when you’re not a football fan. I look at all of the Eagles paraphenalia and all of the people and their excitement (and tomorrow, communal grief) and I feel badly that I can’t participate. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the country, but here in the Philly area, if you don’t care about the Eagles, you’re a pariah. I’d walk down the halls at work, and my coworkers would look at me, give a thumbs up, and say, “go Eagles!” Yeah. OK. What I hate the most are the ones who don’t follow the team all year long, and then whip out a green shirt the week before the playoffs. I’m glad they lost. The hype is too much.

In other not-as-pathetic news, I emerged from mourning my deceased Palm m515 by purchasing a Tungsten E. What’s funny is that the “E” cost less and does more than the m515 did two years ago. It doesn’t have a HotSync cradle — it has an AC adapter for charging and a USB cable for syncing. I decided I’ll sync it to both my laptop and my PC at work.

Now before you sneer at me for being a tech-freak…you have to know how much I use my PDAs. I have my whole life calendar stored in them, plus phone numbers and addresses for everyone I know. The last month at work has been insane…with tasks and ‘to do’ notes stuck all over the place. I fully believe “E” will help me relax a bit. Sadly, it isn’t compatable with the 515’s keyboard. 🙁

I went through the pile of resumes for the new Content Producer job. 3/4 of them were asking for WAY too much money. More than what I’m making. Uh-uh. Not gonna happen, people. So the hunt continues. 🙂

Young Max has crawled up on my lap and is trying to go to sleep. That’s my cue to log out, and head to bed.

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