omigawd, it’s horrible out.

December 5, 2003

omigawd, it’s horrible out. Not treacherous, but cold and wet. It’s hailing right now. I called the YMCA to see if they were still open, just to be sure. They were. Crud. So I drove to the Y and sat in the parking lot. The hail was beating on the car. And I thought, “Lady, if you go home now after making it to the gym parking lot, you are a loser. Even if you DO look good in hats.”

So I went into the empty lockerroom and started to change. Then some High School Girls Swim team comes in to get ready for practice. All blonde. All slim. All young. In swimsuits. And here I am, old and fluffy and wet. Blech. Note to Damon (my coworker, not to be confused with the millions of other Damons out there *smirk*): what you think girls do in locker rooms is totally untrue. Unless they do that after practice.

So I went in and had the most miserable 28 minutes of elliptical machine work of my life.

On the way out there was a table with free fruit. I had an apple and felt better, because I went through with a workout on the most miserable day we’ve had in months.

Tonight David’s taking me out to dinner at the Chophouse in Gibbsboro, then to Coffee Works, then to see Love, Actually. I wonder if he’s feeling guilty about anything…hmmmmm… 😉

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