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October 26, 2003 – from Orlando

October 26, 2003

Hello! Blogging LIVE from Orlando International Airport (MCO) where we have another HOUR to go until our plane takes off to Atlanta. And then about an hour layover. And then a 2 hour flight to Philly. Really!

Boy howdy did it suck to leave Disney. It was another frighteningly gorgeous day in Wally World. I had originally set the alarm to wake at 7am this morning so that we could conquer the Magic Kingdom one more time before we left. The alarm went off, and I snarled. We reset it and didn’t wake until after 9. Ah. More like it!

Small change in plans last night. David watched the Ole Miss game from the room, and I did some free-range shopping at Downtown Disney. Then to the Adventurer’s club where I saw the Balderdash Cup show and the Radiothon. I made it back to the room around midnight.

This I know to be true: Tomorrow, I diet. (typed as she sips a 500 calorie Iced Chai from the airport Starbuck’s)

Words from David: The “Wishes” firework display that occured during halftime as Ole Miss was defeating number 20 Arkansas is better than FiTS (Fantasy in the Sky, for you non-Disneyphiles). That is all. It’s not my fault that we are here hours before we need to be.

That’s all from the airport. Wish you were — um — maybe not.

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