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October 24, 2003 – from WDW

October 24, 2003

Hello! Blogging LIVE from Main Street USA in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, where the steam train is chugging out of the station right above me. Really!

(correction: the arcade at the Poly is being used as a daycare/nursery for more than just Phil Mickleson’s kids. If I’m being snide, I may as well be correctly snide, right?)

OK. La Nouba is very overrated. We spent over $70. per ticket, and I would have been happier with a sweatshirt. It was entertaining, but not the second coming of entertainment. Think of the worst hangover dream you’ve had. That’s Cirque du Soleil. I mean…we liked it (don’t hate me) but when all is said and done, it’s just a circus.

We did have a great time yesterday riding Water Mice (teeny speedboats) around the Seven Seas Lagoon (where I want my cremains sprinkled — just sayin’) and Bay Lake. Sipped fruity drinks by the volcano pool. Took a swim in the ‘quiet’ pool as the sun started to dip behind the palm trees. Ate dinner at DisneyQuest and after La Nouba (overrated) hung out at Pleasure Island.

Today we woke at 10ish (see a trend here?) and are now at the Magic Kingdom. The Martial Arts Expo starts at 6pm. Besides that, we have no plans for today.

Off to Casey’s to have a hot dog.

Wish you were here! 🙂

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