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October 2, 2003 – morning

October 2, 2003

Heart Walk! Heart Walk! Time’s running out to help sponsor our Heart Walk Efforts! Heart Walk! Heart Walk!

Damon: (yesterday) How many colors are in your hair?
Kim: (to Damon) More than there are stars in the sky, I suppose.
Kim: (to self) Must make hair appointment…

I’m developing a very odd sleep pattern. I hit the sack early — say, before 9 — and then my eyes open automatically at 3:00ish. So rather than going back to sleep, I’ve been getting out of bed at 3:00, which gives me time to putter around before I need to get ready for work. It’s odd, but I’m more awake when I get to work now.

I was desperately trying to get my hair to blow out straight, so I used one of the multitude of “products” in my medicine cabinet. This one’s called “Vinyl Glam” by Redken. Supposed to give it a shine, and it has a very pleasing scent to it — one that I can’t place.

5:10 rolls around, I hop into the Ion and drive to work. Aaah..very nice. The car’s almost a year old and still has that new car smell. Get to work, walk across the parking lot.

Funny, I still smell new car.

GAH!!! It’s coming from my head! The Vinyl Glam smells like new car! I smell like a new car!!!

Wt: 142, wholly undeserved.
Mood: Pleasant.
Work docket: Damon’s off today, so I’m flying solo here at South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper’s BEST website. Still working on the Millionaire contest. Still have jobfair stuff to do. And scrapbook, since today’s Thursday. Yesterday’s entire day was spent dealing with greenbar reports and other reports and going back and forth and manually verifying that charges that are listed on one report are listed on the other. My head hurt by 2:00. I didn’t even have time to put on my makeup!!! In any case, teaching me how to do financial reporting for the department is NOT making me want to become a manager. It makes me want to get pregnant so I can bow out of the working world for a while. 😉
Lunch: Going to grab a salad. Or go to the mall.
Afternoon: Take the Hopeslayer out for a walk. YMCA?
Evening: Guild meeting at 9:00 pm, if I’m still awake.
Proof that I’m a blonde: I purchased oatmeal bowls for work on Monday, and have forgotten to bring them in the last 3 days.

Forty-five degrees out, and the air conditioning in here is on. I have yet to take my windbreaker off. Can’t wait until tomorrow because 1) it’s jeans day and 2) I can wear a bulky sweater and be warm.

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