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September 4, 2003

September 4, 2003

Back. Again.
Felt so crummy on Tuesday that I took the first doctor appointment I could get after work — 4:00 pm. Turns out I have bronchitis and an ear infection, and the doc happily wrote me a note so that I could call out yesterday w/o guilt. Although techinically you don’t need a note until the third day out, South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper no longer trusts their employees, and one receives flak (often disguised as ‘ribbing’) if you take any sick days. In retrospect, I should have let the doc write the note for 2 days. Still feel crummy today. I’m on antibiotics and sterioids. Plus cough medicine.

Prewritten last night — not blonde enough to do this all at work.
Sausalito (Spanish for “little willow”)

On Sunday, August 24th, Mom and I took a ferry to visit Sausalito. (John was meeting up with a California internet friend and hung around San Francisco) The ferry ride was windy (as I’m jokingly trying to illustrate in the photo — see the Golden Gate Bridge behind me?), but gorgeous. Sausalito is a cute little town across the bay from San Francisco. The main strip is comprised of many little restaurants, shops, and art galleries. we happily putzed around in the boutiques and oohed and aahed at the artwork. Lunch was at Scoma’s, where Mom and I dined on (more) seafood and had a glass of wine. The booze mellowed us enough to make us giggly, but not enough that we would spend obscene amounts of money on odd sculptures.
We each purchased a little silver bracelet that features a piece of highly polished round colored glass. It’s a bangle-type bracelet. The glass piece is about the size of a small ladies watch face.
It was a hot day, and we were ready to leave by late afternoon. We hung out by the fountain with some swank bottled water until it was time to board the ferry and head back to the hotel via the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Back to being written today
Mood:Sickly, tired. Feeling like a sack of crap, which is a fitting way to spend the last day of my 30th year. Have I mentioned how crappy this year has been? But I’m here. Isn’t that worth something?
Wearing:Birthday outfit, 2003!! Sweet lil’ schoolgirl pleated skirt; sleevelss red cowlneck sweater, thigh-high stockings (with tops unseen of course…I’m not trashy) and my calf high brown “boots-are-made-for-walking” boots


Work docket: Did communities. Will do scrapbook, and update recipe section since I haven’t in over a month.
Afternoon/Evening I have a date with my Nyquil bottle.

Ears beginning to bleed. I think I’ll take a ‘coffee break’ and head to starbucks for some caffeine. Hopefully testing will be done by the time I get back.

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