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September 2, 2003

September 2, 2003

Back to work
ball girl
Thankfully my keycard and password still work, so nothing career-threatening came up while I was away. But I still sound like I’m about to cough up a lung. I’d have called out but after a week vacation and a paid day off (Labor Day) wouldn’t it have looked fishy if I called out? So I’ll take some more Dayquil and tough it out. Yesterday David and I crashed on the loveseat for 5 or so hours in the afternoon. Felt good to just doze off like that. But as we all know, it messes up my (already messed up from vacation) sleep schedule and I was up all night. Naturally, I’m sleepy NOW.

The following was written last night, to preserve job security
Take me…out to the ball game
Last Saturday (first full day of vacation) we went to PacBell park in San Francisco to see the SF Giants play the Florida Marlins. The ballpark is a beauty, and has enough ads slapped all over it that a NASCAR stock car would be green with envy. Barry Bonds didn’t play because his dad Bobby Bonds died the day before. (Barry’s now being hospitalized for exhaustion — celebrity-speak for having lost his marbles). Despite a quick run in the top of the first by Florida, the Giants came back and defeated the Marlins. Which is good because 1) they’re the home team and 2)Marlins are also in the NL east…the worse they do, the better the Phils look. I scored the game, and thanks to the full size pencil with eraser that I had to buy for a dollar (as opposed to the eraser-less golf pencils the Phils give you for free) my scorecard was immaculate. C’mon now…how many girls can score a baseball game, hm? I had a “Stadium Dog,” which is not as famous as the Dodger dog I had last year. Tasted like a run-of-the-mill weiner to me. 😉 We also partook of garlic fries, which were exactly what it sounds like, and very tasty.

My birthday suit
It’s my birthday week. Every year, I try to get a really hot outfit together for my birthday. An outfit that screams, “Certainly Kim isn’t (insert new age here)?!? Why, she looks no older than (current age – 5)!!!” While in Hollywood on Saturday (doesn’t that sound hoity toity?) I shopped at Ann Taylor Loft and got two outfits. One is a blue sleeveless sweater with a keyhole collar, and a straight knee-length charcoal gray skirt (size 8 — hoo-rah!) with light blue pinstripes and a row of buttons down the front. The second is definately my corporate sex-bomb birthday outfit. Sleeveless cowlneck longline red sweater, with a fetching little belt around the waist. Brown and red plaid pleated schoolgirl miniskirt (size 8 — booyah!). To be worn with round-toe ankle strap red heels (yet to be purchased) or brown suede calf boots.

Fear me.

This morning I realized my birthday is on Friday — jeans day. Darn. So sex-bomb outfit will happen on Thursday, and the sweet blue-and-gray number happens today. And I’m left with trying to figure out how I can look (current age – 5) in mere jeans and a top.

Written today
Mood: Sickly, yet feeling upbeat and attractive in new outfit. Hair blown out, makeup applied (with EYELINER no less) and wearing black thighhigh stocking. Rawr!
Work Docket: Go through the hundreds of email in my box to weed out the 10 or so genuine ones. Update the spot schedule for September, the Dateline Page, the ingle page, one hot job from yesterday, get me bearings.
Lunch plans: Diet restarts today, so I’ll grab a Subway sub, come back here and learn some more Perl. (Remember THAT?)
Afternoon/Evening plans: Swing by the YMCA to re-up for Yoga. Food shop, since I resorted to eating a half-bag of stale marshmallows last night.

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