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Have you seen the new Gap commerical yet

August 20, 2003

Have you seen the new Gap commerical yet with Madonna and Missy Elliot? At the end, Madonna hits a funky yoga pose. That’s the tree pose, and I can do it too! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the closest I will ever be to being Madonna. Well, since I gave up wearing jelly bracelets, slouched shirts, and ankle socks w/pumps back in the 80s, anyway.

Muireann hit level 55 yesterday afternoon. She’s at that level where she becomes very tedious to play.

I slept in the living room last night on the nap chair — the chair that sucks out your will to move. Amazingly, I woke up ontime. Max was most appreciative of the company in the living room, I’m sure.

Max/Misty relations are improving. We’ve been holding Max securely in the bedroom and letting him and Misty sniff each other at a pretty close proximity. No hissing or growling has occurred, so I’m optimistic that eventually things will work out. Misty will learn to ignore him like she’s learned to ignore the rest of us, and Max will see Misty as just another ‘thing’ walking around our house and nothing intriguing that he has to chase.

Charlie has ventured out from under the bed on occasion to eat, use the box, and stare at Max from a distance.

Mood: Slacker-esque…which doesn’t bode well for the..
Work docket: Online mall. Continue to enhance the Comm Guide database (tired of this project). Recipe updates.
Lunch plans: May run to Cherry Hill mall to get either a dog training book or a San Francisco guide book.
Afternoon: Stop at AAA on the way home to grab guidebooks for trip
Evening: Comcast is coming over between 4 and 8 pm to investigate why our cable connection’s fuzzy on the lower channels (2 – 26ish). The rep says this is related to why my Internet connection craps out for 10-15 seconds at a time, and sometimes dies altogether. Keep yer fingers crossed.

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