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In movement, there is stillness

August 14, 2003

“In movement, there is stillness.” — Anne, my yoga teacher

A dollar to anyone who knows what the heck she meant by that one. A rather bland Wednesday. Nap in the afternoon, yoga at night. Added Max’s page to the website.

Today we have a guy from Gannett Corporate coming to see us and talk about career paths within online. So, I am in full corporate-grrl mode today. Wearing a mint-green linen (it’s real linen — see how wrinkly?) suit, and hair slicked down into low ponytail, courtesy of lots of styling products.

Wt: 141.0. I have a scapegoat for the hunger/weight gain. I should be better in a week.
Mood: Non-blog-able worries have compounded. Besides that, pleasant.
Work docket: Did communities, will do engagements and continue finishing Comm Guide Database. Ten am meeting about new healthcare plan (for which I already know my weekly cost will double — why bother going?), and schmooze with Mr. Gannett Corporate.
Lunch: Smart Ones Pizza, microwave popcorn.
Afternoon plans: Go to the gym. I must. MUST. MUST.
Evening plans: May schedule a coffee-n-coping with Mom. Guild meeting at 9 pm.

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