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Yesterday turned out to be a darn good day

August 13, 2003

Yesterday turned out to be a darn good day! David was awake when I got home, and we watched a bit of TV. Namely Animal Planet’s “That’s my Baby!” which is Lifetime’s “A Baby Story” about animals. In the first episode, a pug was pregnant with two pups. Her owners threw a BABY SHOWER for her, inviting back her first litter of pups and other pugs in the neighborhood. As the couple decorated their yard in pink and blue and showed off the cake I looked at David and said, “That is what we will become if we don’t have children.” A chilling thought, really.

Followed that up with a visit to see Max at the orphanage. While we where there, we got to see Abner, a blind beagle, get adopted and taken to his new home. What wonderful people! Spent about 45 minutes with Max (who I’ll pick up Friday afternoon), grabbed some food from Chez Elena Wu, and settled in for the evening. I barely played Asheron’s Call and retired at around 8:00 pm with my cats, books, and aromatic ‘sleep’ oil. 🙂

Wt: 141.2. I can’t go back…I can’t go back…I won’t go back..
Mood: On the fine line between being demotivated and remotivated.
Work docket: Online Mall, Finish redoing our shop.courierpostonline.com page (vast improvements being made) and hopefully get some recipes updated.
Lunch: Smart Ones Chicken Something-or-other-Bowl, microwave popcorn
Afternoon plans: Will probably sleep a few hours so I’ll be awake for..
Evening plans: Yoga. Last class of session, then I think we get two weeks off.

Seriously, about the weight. I’ve been super-sloppy these last few months. And it’s not just the Iced Chais. I’ve been hitting the snack machine mid-morn again, and having Ben & Jerry’s every weekend. So it’s not really a surprise that I’m above 140. I’ve just been so so so hungry lately. And I hate to be hungry. So here’s my new plan. I’m going to front-load my day with food. Oatmeal AND milk in the morning. Frozen crud AND popcorn at lunch. Salad with a bit of dinner on the side. Lots of water. I’m abandoning the Monday-Wednesday(for yoga)-Friday gym schedule, since I always find reasons not to go to the gym on Mondays and Fridays. Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday may work better for me.

New goal: to reach 133 (note new number) pounds by 10/18/03 — my next WDW vacation. But my size 6 skirts still fit. Figure THAT out, because I certainly can’t.

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