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August 5, 2003

August 5, 2003

Today marks my 30 11/12th birthday. I only have one month less until I officially (according to mathematicians, anal-retentives, and folks-who-are-just-being-difficult) enter my 30s. And you know what? I’m OK. Seal up my 30th year. Put it in a hermetically sealed oil drum and chuck it to the bottom of the ocean. Between MomMom, and Mickey, and the job stress I had earlier this year, I’m ready to march onward. To the beat of my own drummer, natch!

Take a look at the picture to the right. Can you figure out where I am? Answer is below.

Wt: Continuing my self-sabotage kick. Still 140.8, and not remorseful about the cheesesteak and Mt. Dew I had last night.
Mood: Mischevious
Work Docket: Checked Static, Did Hand and Dateline sections. Doing Community Guide
Lunch: Will perhaps go to the Mall.
Afternoon: I enjoy taking a nap in the afternoons and staying up later at night. I swear I’m more lucid in the mornings when I do that.
Evening: See yesterday, since I didn’t accomplish any of it.
Where was I ?: Start highlighting with your mouse here:That’s me being all Betty Grable inside the “U” of the big “All Star Music” sign at WDW. It was either this picture or post the one with me taking a bite out of a hot dog from Casey’s. And don’t you think I embarrass myself enough already? 🙂End higlighting

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