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We’re survivors!

August 4, 2003

We’re survivors!

Four parks, two shopping meccas, two delayed flights, one nightclub and an unairconditioned shuttle bus later, I’m back at work. Honestly, the whole weekend seemed like a dream. I do, however, have photos to prove that it really happened. I didn’t get in the apartment until 9:00 last night. Naturally, I’m a bit tired!

Wt: 140.8 I had hot dogs, and ice cream, and french fries, and soda and pastries during my weekend.
Mood: Sleeeepy, but happy with my weekend. Trying to get into the Monday swing of things
Work docket: Hot jobs, community guide
Lunch: Subway sandwich. Out of frozen lunches.
Afternoon ZZzzzzzzzzz…
Evening Head to gym. Perhaps grab some stuff at Genuardi’s.

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