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July 24, 2003

July 24, 2003

It’s alive!

…and all it took to get me back online was a new modem, new network card and a new cable to connect them both. Well, plus the technician to do it all.

I tore into my parking lot at 1:55 pm for my 2:00 pm appointment to find the Comcast van already in the parking lot. He’d arrived at 1:30, according to David, who hadn’t slept yet when I got home and mouthed the words, “Please let me go to sleep” when he saw me. *smirk*

Even after the new hardware was installed, it took some time for the connection to return. Like in the movies where the drowning victim is pulled from the ocean, and even after being ‘treated’ still lays limply on the ground. Only after you think they’re doomed do they start coughing up water and returning to the land of the living. We held our breath and waited those interminable seconds. Finally, when the tech decided to call Comcast for support, the modem coughed to life. I think the connection’s speedier now.

Wt: Dunno. Trying desperately to counter the inner demon who makes me hit the vending machine at 10:30 am and who prompts me to eat chips instead of lite popcorn after work.
Mood: A bit sleepy and sore. We had a sub last night for yoga who worked us a bit harder. However, I did manage to get into Plow pose.
Work: Communities looks great. Grabbing scrapbook photos as I type (ah…the benefits of Photoshop actions)
Lunch: With 83 cents in my purse and no more frozen lunches, looks as if I’m out to get my allowance from the Commerce ATM (hopefully no paranoic schizophrenics in the lobby) and grab a sandwich.
Afternoon: Still waiting to beta-test the “sleep in the afternoon and less at night” theory.
Evening: Blessedly, NOTHING planned.

Happy Birthday, Sue!

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