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She still lives, but her internet connection’s dead!

July 23, 2003

She still lives, but her internet connection’s dead!
So yesterday afternoon, I’m curled in my chair in my post sick-day stupor (for it was after 2 pm, and therefore I was again heading toward another day of work) reading RealSimple and wondering if I should try to turn Basil (see garden page) into pesto. It was a dark and stormy afternoon, and the rumblings of summer thunderstorms surrounded Chez Kim.

FLASH! A bolt of lightning…

BAM! A crash of thunder…

POP! Something popping behind me as the lights flickered ever so slightly.

(and the much less dramatic thumpthumpthump of overweight cats running for cover)

After I got my bearings, I checked vital signs. Lights on. VCR clock still on. PC monitors on. OK. All good. (Though it woke David from his slumber)

I put the magazine down, and go to the RealSimple website for the pesto recipe. Can’t connect.

Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot. Nothing.
Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot. Nothing.

Instead of three happy flashing green lights, I have two flashing green lights, and a sickly flashing orange one in between.

Oh, craptastic. I’m SURE that was the popping noise. David (maintaining that my modem could not have popped) and I run out to grab some prescriptions and get them filled. I charge back into the apartment at 6:00pm like a kid on Christmas morning. SURELY it was better?

Nope. Called Comcast, got a great customer service rep who, after guidng me through the requisite “Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot” routine, sets up a service appt for today between 2pm and 6pm. Modem may be fried. No prob…tech guy can switch them out if need be.

At 7:30, we find the green light is back on. Huzzah! But no…can’t connect. Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot. Nothing. Call Comcast back w/the recent development. I’m guided through the winipcfg.exe utility, and still no connection is reached. Support rep says that it could be a bad network card. Ewww…now it’s getting scary. The service appt stands for 2-6 pm today.

Ohno! Could Orrin Hatch have managed to break my PC because I downloaded those two MP3s last night??? Devious man.

But life goes on, because David’s PC is on DSL, so I can still surf about. (Smiles at those who mocked her for having two modes of connectivity in her house)

Moral: Thinking about cooking brings bad things.

(Note: The above was written last night…I’m not daft enough to spend 45 minutes blogging at work. Sheesh)

Wt: 139.0. And the self-sabotage continues. Doritos, anyone?
Mood: Anxious about cable modem issue…still queasy in the tum from yesterday.
Work: Did online mall, will update recipes and continue with Community Guide script. (And catch up on gossip from yesterday)
Lunch: Will only do 30 minutes today, and leave at 1:30 to make my 2-6 pm window. I brought a Lean Cuisine meal…Fiesta somethingorother. Makes me queasy thinking about it.
Afternoon: Snooze on chair while waiting for Comcast tech, who has no idea that whatever he does will end up on my blog.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Hopefully I won’t have to run to COMPUSA before hand for a new network card.

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