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Happy Weekend!

July 19, 2003

Happy Weekend! The chip in my windshield has been filled in — you can still see it though. I’m trying to view it as a ‘battle scar’ rather than a chink in my beautiful less-than-year-old car. Played Dierdre the Pain last night and got her to level 78. Wholly through the efforts of my guild-mates, who happily let me tag along and fellow on their big hunts.

I tried playing SWG today. I feel so isolated in that game. I really don’t know anyone, and the help system seems flawed. There was a tutorial dungeon, but I still feel as if I was kicked out of there knowing nothing.

Wt: 136.8. Odd. I’m not really focused on the weight at this point.
Mood: Pleasant
Today: I’m going to head to the gym at 1ish. Also, I’m making baby steps toward cleaning the kitchen/bathroom. BBQ at Dad’s at an unknown time. Prolly around 5ish. Guild meeting at 10pm. XP Chain meeting at 11pm. Massive hunting afterward.

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