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Chip off of my shoulder

July 18, 2003

Chip off of my shoulder
I journeyed to Safelite this afternoon, and after it quickly being determined that the chip is repairable, I was told that State Farm will pay for the cost of the repair, since it’s cheaper for them to do so than to pay for replacement. (Even though SF didn’t know that the cost of replacing the windshield would have been below deductable, so they’re ending up spending more money in the long run.) I have to get back there at 4 PMish to get the repair done.

Which cancels the YMCA plan and the early-evening-nap plan. But at least my windshield would be fixed.

True encounter at Commerce Bank:
I slipped into the ATM vestibule to grab my weekly ‘allowance’ and a late 40-ish gentleman was standing in front of the ATM. I asked if he was in line for the ATM, and he said no. Then out of the blue:

Man: My parents and doctors have put me on psychiatric drugs.
Me: (looks up to make sure he’s talking to someone else. No, he’s talking to me.)
Increasingly Creepy Man: They say I’m bipolar schitzophrenic. What do you think?
Me: (deciding to go the “fast cash” option from the ATM ) Well…..sometimes doctors are wrong. If you think your doctor is wrong, maybe you need to ask your parents if you could go for a second opinion.
Self-professed bipolar schitzophrenic Man: Oh.
Me: (grabs cash, receipt, ATM card…heads for door)
Man: Did you know they have 7-day banking here?
Me: (smiles) Yes…that’s why I come here. Enjoy your day! (dashes to car)
Man: You too!

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