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Still with me? Good.

July 14, 2003

(Kim peeks at the monitor)

Still with me? Good. I’ve been told that my blog is depressing. So I reread and , yup…June was pretty depressing and the first week of July wasn’t much better. So I’m going to endeavor to keep a chipper outlook on things. Thanks for staying.

I had, by far, one of the best weekends yet this summer. It was filled with movies, outings, and lots of game-time. (Dierdre is level 75 now. 75!!) Not much housework at all. Which I’m sure I’ll pay for in the next few days.

Saturday morning we saw the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which paled in comparison to Pirates. Saturday afternoon we went to the Haddonfield Craft Festival. I enjoyed it so much that I took Mom back there on Sunday. Bought a wooden basket that folds completely flat, our names in Chinese, an inspirational quote, and a few magnets. (Like I don’t have enough magnets already)

Wt: 137.8. Wow. I ate like a BEAST this week. To be at this weight after ALL that I ate is a miracle. I guess the weight will go up once I have a few days of eating healthfully.
Mood: Better than last week. Much. Again, thanks for enduring.
Work Docket: Did Ingle. Working on Hot Jobs now. I have to release the ads two at a time to get them to convert, as opposed to releasing them all at once. Takes longer, but it works. Will do careers and faith updates, and then brush up on some Open AdStream stuff in prep for off-site training on Wed. and Thurs.
Lunch: Out of frozens, so I’ll have to venture out into the world for a salad or Subway or something. And work on Perl.
Afternoon: Going to the gym at 3:00.
Evening: Will update LadyGypsy.net, and MAYBE hit the Gaerlan quest at 10:00pm. Depends on how I’m feeling.

Time to release two more ads and maybe track down some Orlando Bloom for my wallpaper. 😉

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