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a perfect summer film

July 12, 2003

WELL, last night we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean and had a fantastic time. To me, it was a perfect summer film. No heavyhanded social message, lots of (relatively harmless) swordplay and action, a touch of romance and lots of humor. Johnny Depp stole the show as Captain Jack Sparrow. And Orlando Bloom is very drool-worthy in his role as a human (read non-sissy-looking elf) blacksmith-turned-hero. He’s now my wallpaper.

Have the airfare and mears transfers and hotel set for our whirlwind WDW commando weekend. Between that and Kim’s California Adventure Part Deux, August should be a fun month.

Dierdre the Pain hit level 73 last night as well, during the big Valley of Death run. She only died once, which gives her a death count total of 694.

Edited to add on 9/11/07: I never thought that I’d be divorced by the time the 3rd installment of this movie aired.

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