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Overall, a very good weekend!

June 30, 2003

Overall, a very good weekend! I ate good food, but responsibly. I may be getting the hang of it. HUGE breakfast? Smallish lunch and dinner. Salad for lunch? Splurge on Doritos later. 😀

Ocean City: Divine…my swimsuit’s even a little bit big!
Asheron’s Call: Dierdre the Pain got her Mage armor, but her owner snoozed through last night’s Gaerlan quest. Oops!
Enrichment: Went through 2 chapters of my “Learning Perl” book.

Mom and I lunched at the Olive yesterday…ooo…I felt SOOO swanky! We ate on the outdoor deck. I enjoy being an adult and enjoying adult things. I’d NEVER go back to being a teen, even if I feel like one sometimes.

Wt: (drumroll) 137.4!! Woooo!!! I held my good weight all weekend! This sets me up for a successful week.
Mood: Triumphant
Work docket: Hot Jobs, some Marketing promo stuff. Did Ingle update…didn’t have a Faith story on Sat.
Lunch: Brought Healthy Choice Chicken Piccata. I’ll work on another Perl chapter during lunch.
Afternoon: Meeting with Financial Advisor number 33 at 3:00. Well, not 33. More like 4 or 5.
Evening: Will go to the YMCA to work out, since I’ll miss this afternoon.

I’m also wearing the trashiest pair of shoes that I own today. Denim with ‘leather-esque’ trim and fringe, and four inch stilletto heels. Good thing I sit all day, isn’t it?

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