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What is it?

June 22, 2003

What is it?
On our way into Campbell’s stadium to watch the Riversharks game, David and I were each handed a rubbery mousepad-like shirt with the Campbell’s field logo on it. It had sleeves and a neck hole. Hm. Too small for a mousepad. Too weird-shaped for a can cozy. Not a glove. When we went up to the suite, my coworkers enlightened us. It’s a bottle holder. MEANT for beer bottles, but as you can see, it worked on a Coke bottle just fine!

We MIGHT go and get bikes today…making good on a threat we’ve been making for 3 years now. Tonight I have a grad dinner to go to at 5:00 for my cousin’s son, and Dierdre’s Gaerlan quest at 10:00 pm. Cross your fingers…tomorrow it should be mostly sunny and 87 degrees. I may grab Mom and swing to the shore after work. It’ll be the first time this season that I’ll be at the beach, due to the rain.

Off to indulge in my Berry Burst. 🙂

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