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Last night was bliss.

June 21, 2003

Last night was bliss. I did a bunch of nothing, made Dierdre the Pain famous (Scroll down to “Down and Out on TD”), rolled into bed at 11ish and slept until 9:30!!

Wt: 137.8. Hmpf! And I didn’t even partake in the Ben & Jerry’s that’s now in our freezer. Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chubby Hubby. (giggle) Those flavors are for David. If I were shopping for me, I’d have chosen Cool Britannia (though that one was discontinued) and Phish Food.

This evening: I possess two tickets to the Riversharks game tonight. If it’s not rained out, we’ll be sitting in a suite. That will be catered. Yum! Yes, Readers, there are quite a few tangible benefits to working for South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper!! I’ll bring my digital camera and take some shots. Maybe I’ll put some on the company Intranet!! (Such a suck-up, aren’t I?)

So NOW I’m going to have some Berry Burst cereal, get Muireann up to level 50 (should take less than an hour) and then head to the gym to work off in advance some of the treats I’ll be having this evening. 🙂 Hope we get hot dogs!

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