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Help! I’m drowning!

June 20, 2003

Help! I’m drowning!c/o weather.com

Can you believe this? Rain all weekend again. We at the C-P are a demoralized people. Will we ever have a beautiful Saturday again? Will we have to change the name of “Sunday?” Ugh.

Wt: 137.4. Back where I was before I went away…just in time for a rainy weekend where I’ll be trapped inside with my food. And we all know by now how well I handle weekends.
Mood: Soggy.
Work docket: I *think* Damon’s off today. I have the Hot Properties Ads processing as I type. I can’t even think of what else to do. I know that’ll change.
Lunch: I brought another frozen chicken lunch. Healthy Choice Chicken Breast and vegetables.
Afternoon: I’ll either take a nap or go to the gym. Depends how sadistic masochistic I am.
Evening: Gaze wistfully at the falling rain and yearn to be on a sandy beach.
Weekend: NOTHING! Which isn’t a bad thing at all. I’ll probably take Dierdre the Pain out on the Level 60-79 Gaerlan quest on Sunday night with the guild. And read the first Harry Potter book.

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