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I decided to defrag my work PC this morning

June 19, 2003

I decided to defrag my work PC this morning…that was almost 90 minutes ago, and it’s STILL going. Although I received a PC tuneup at the end of May, the PC was 30% fragmented. Not good for only a month. I wonder if the hard drive was formatted or if they just reinstalled the programs. So I’m working on the “online spare” this morning. It used to be my old computer and BOY is it slow. I’ll scandisk/defrag this one later when I get back on the regular PC.

Yoga didn’t happen last night. I forgot that last week was the end of the session, and at the YMCA there is always a break between the Spring 2 session and the beginning of the Summer session. The classroom was desolate. (embarrassed blush) So I registered for Tai Chi on Tuesdays (something new!), and yoga again on Wednesdays.

Wt: 138.8.
Mood: Soggy. It looks as if it’s going to rain all weekend too.
Work docket: Scrapbook, continue SeaBiscuit banners.
Lunch: Brought Healthy Choice Chicken and Something meal. It’s too soggy to go out.
Afternoon: I’ll probably lay down for a nap. I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 this morning. I’m running on fumes.
Evening: In the spirit of tightening our budget to build the house fund, I’m going to BJs Warehouse tonight to stock up on paper products. I used to have a membership there when we were first married and tight on cash. I didn’t have to buy paper towels for an entire year back then. There is also a general Obsidian Knights Guild meeting at 9:00.
Garden: The petals have been ‘rained off’ of my snapdragons, and the rest of the plants are so wet I’m afraid they’ll get some sort of fungus or mold disease going. I only have the one seedling in Cilantro and a very teeny one in Basil. No word from Oregano. I think I’m going to bring the herb garden inside to dry out a bit. I’ll try a few more seeds too.

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