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I. Am. SO. Tired.

June 18, 2003

I. Am. SO. Tired.

Wt: 139.2 — I marvel at how my body can get on track so much easier now than it used to. My metabolism is almost what it used to be when I was younger. Then again, I ate much better when I was younger, too.
Mood: Soggy. It’s raining. AGAIN. I’m going to the beach on Saturday. I don’t care if I have to wear a sweatsuit, gloves, and a rain poncho. I will sit my derrierre on the sand in defiance of the crummy spring that Mother Nature has delivered.
Work docket: Online Mall. Recipe update/repair. There is a post-it-note with the word “Seabiscuit” on my keyboard from my boss. Don’t worry, he’s not crazy. I know what he’s talking about.
Lunch: I brought a Smart Ones chicken meal, PLUS two Bumblebee tuna lunch kits that were on sale at Genuardi’s for only 99 cents each. Those will save me on the days where I *say* I’m going out, but am too lazy to do so.
Afternoon: I’m going to take a nap…because it’s Wednesday and ….
Evening: I have yoga at 7:30 and a guild festival meeting at 9:00.

I heard a remake of “Boys of Summer” this morning. Am I really that old that the songs I went to Jr. High with are now being remade? (shudder)

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