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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

June 17, 2003

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wt: 141.2. (smirk)
Mood: Happy to be home, but jealous because the Blackwells are going to WDW AGAIN next week and we’re not! Waaaaaaaah!
Work docket: Static, Hand section stuff, get my bearings after being away.
Lunch: Will get a salad.
Afternoon: MUST MUST MUST get back to the gym.
Evening: Coffee and coping at *bux at 7:00.

Well, how was the trip? We went to Vickburg National Military Park on Friday. David’s reunion on Saturday was terrible, but we all know that about high school reunions — he just had to learn that for himself. There were some definate awkward periods, but for me to paint all Southerners with one brush would make me just as guilty as those who assume that I sound like one of the Sopranos and live in a treeless concrete jungle where you’re mugged on a daily basis. Being prompted by someone at the reunion to say something in front of a little girl so that the little girl could hear the closest thing to hearing a foreigner speak was the low point, by far. Insensitive people are everywhere, regardless of geographical location.

RIP David Brinkley. I read his autobiography some years ago, and found it fascinating. He was one of the last class acts of journalism. Having George Stephanopoulous in charge of “This Week” probably put the last nail in his coffin.

More later..

Edited to add on 9/11/2007: My God, this trip to Mississippi completely sucked. This is an example of how I really sugarcoated some things on this blog

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