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April 28, 2003

April 28, 2003

I’m a-waiting for my Hot Jobs to convert, so I’ll blog for a moment

Wt: Feels like I’m about 210.
Mood: Optimistic, Hopeful.
Work Docket: Hot Jobs. ‘Online Job Fair’ which is a real PITA. It’s like doing Hot Jobs twice. Of course, I’ll have to wait/beg for a list of participants in the ‘job fair.’ It’s great to have to ask for your work. “Please, ma’am…could I please have some mundane job to do?” We also have a birthday celebration on tap for Peter, our Online Sales guy.
Lunch: Maybe take a spin to Old Navy.
Afternoon: Doctor appt at 2:30 for achy knees. Then to the gym, and then to get my last session at Hollywood Tan.
Evening: Begin writing the much put-off Trip Report from October before the details get muddled in with this week’s trip
Today’s Wallpaper: The Entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Listening to: Intercot Web Radio. All Disney Attraction Music. We’ll see if anyone will trace the bandwidth usage back to me!

Yesterday I scrubbed down the bathroom and gave the kitchen a thorough cleaning as well. I have a good chunk of my vacation clothing put aside. My goal is to be packed before Thursday so that I can maybe take a nap Thursday afternoon before we go. But, Reader, you know how well my plans come to fruition! OK, back to work!

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