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What a gorgeous Sunday morning!

April 27, 2003

What a gorgeous Sunday morning!

Last night I bought two pair of shorts — one from Levi’s and one from Lee. Those two brands were the THING when I was younger, but are now relegated to the back of the department in favor of Mudd, L.e.i. and Tommy. I like Tommy Hilfiger’s stuff but I’m eminently cheap when it comes to clothing. I’d rather have a LOT of cheap stuff than a few good pieces. Still, I remember when Levi shorts sold for $34.00. I got my pair for $19.99.

I also bought a new Fossil purse with a kicky flowered print. I’m sure to most it looks heinous, but I think it’s adorable!

I have an appointment on Tuesday to get my brows waxed. That, my friend, is going to suck. I’ve never had it done before, but when is having hair ripped from your body a pleasant thing? At least then, I’ll be able to cross something else from my 2003 resolutions.

Much to do today — but first some cereal on the balcony is a can’t miss. (oooo…..in a few days I’ll be breakfasting at WDW!)

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