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Will get weighed Friday

April 22, 2003

Wt: will get weighed Friday
Mood: Queasy. My tummy’s not happy with something I ate. Probably too much Easter candy? I’m NOT pregnant.
Work: Static, I tabled the recipe search so I could tweak the comic survey — I’ll get that done today. Damon’s out for 3 days, so I’ll be doing the Static Photo Gallery today too. Provided Photo gets it to me before 2.
Afternoon: YMCA. Tackle cleaning the kitchen. Yesterday, inspired by David, we really scrubbed the living room from top to bottom. And had time to play an hour of Asheron’s Call to boot! Muireann is now level 42.
Evening: Starbucks, hopefully.
Listening to: Disney Theme Park music. Namely, the SpectroMagic parade.

“on this magic night
a million stars will play
beside us
cast a spell of light
glimmering shimmering carouselling
round the world tonight
a symphony in spectromagic
pure enchantment lights our way…”

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