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April 21, 2003

April 21, 2003

Wt: Are you kidding? I just got finished with a no-chocolate Lenten fast, and you want me to weigh? Silly Reader.
Mood: Happily dozy.
Work: Hot Jobs (waiting for last one now), did Ingle column, and will finish Updated Recipe search. 🙂 THEN, I’ll start the Comics Survey set to launch on Thursday.
Lunch: Will go to Cherry Hill Mall to get Disney Dollars and have spartan lunch.
Afternoon: YMCA Workout
Evening: Clean up apartment
What’s Playing: Dave Matthews Band live at Folsom Field. Hey, my (lawn seat) tickets for the 9/5 concert came in the mail! Happy 31st Birthday to me!

How I broke my no-chocolate Lenten Fast: By having two brownies and chocolate milk for breakfast at Old Country Buffet. And some scrambled eggs and potatoes on the side! 😉

Easter was lovely. Went to church at 8:30 am. Dinner at Sue’s. It was great, but without MomMom around it just wasn’t the same. Last Easter, she had just had some minor surgery done and was very weary. She put her head on the dinner table and fell asleep. Poor sweet MomMom — her last year was really a tough one. It’s tough to sit around the table with one less family member there. If I dwell on it, my heart hurts. The upside is that by making her Easter Bread, I felt close to her. As long as we can keep our little family traditions alive, she’ll always be remembered. The next time that Mom goes to the house, she’s going to get MomMom’s baking pans for me. 🙂

Daylight Savings Time has stolen Venus from my mornings. A month from now, and I should be coming to work in almost-daylight!

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