March 25, 2003 – morning

Nah. Don’t look like Catherine Zeta-Jones today. (sigh)

Wt: 142.2. I think my scale’s being operated by Al-Jazeera.
Mood: TRYING to be sunny and optimistic
Work docket: Static. Gotta do this week’s edition. I also have to re-do the tracking coding and ad tags thru the whole section. Since I have to touch every page anyway, I want to try and tweak the design a bit, since I’ve made no secret about it being the ugliest section I’ve ever done. Oh and it is UGLY.
Lunch: (sigh) Nuthin’. Maybe I’ll grab a Subway
Afternoon: FOOD SHOP
Evening: unknown

Re: not-for-profit: I guess to get a free site for a school/church, we’d either have to:
A) Fundraise for each organization…get corporate sponsors for each separate site
B) Fundraise overall, and just rotate sponsors on the sites we do using an ad-server program.
C) Combination of A and B.

Schools would be easier to fundraise for than churches. People seem to love to throw money at anything having to do with kids.

Bah…pipe dreaming….back to work.

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