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Well, kiddies…

March 18, 2003

Well, kiddies, here we are on the brink of war and you know what? I don’t care! I haven’t been following the news at all, despite my job. All I know is that the CPO page is all tarted up and ready for war.

I don’t care about Iraq. Saddam is a merciless dictator whose regime tortures its citizens. But I don’t want the US to have to be the country that frees the Iraqi citizens from tyranny. I don’t care about Iraqi children. I’m not concerned about their civilian casualties. War sucks, people. Al Quaeda didn’t care about our civilians on 9/11, did they? I don’t know why we’re pushing forward with this, but I’m supporting the troops while maintaining a healthy distrust of our Commander-in-Chief, who, for the record, I voted for. And who won fair and square. But that’s old news. 😉

As long as the ‘war’ stays neatly boxed up in Iraq, then I’m fine. I’d actually buy the new Patriot bonds if I knew the money wasn’t going to go toward reconstructing Iraq after we tear it apart.

And because of the ‘war’, Baseball cancelled the opening day in Japan. Good. You know why? Because I hate the fact that MLB opens its seasons in Japan. I’m tired of sucking up to, and trying to suck up to, the other ‘established’ countries in the world.

Wow…I’m an angry American! 🙂 I guess that means it’s time for bed.

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