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Geez…I haven’t blogged in two days?

March 18, 2003

Geez…I haven’t blogged in two days? Do you think it coincides with the gorgeous 60+ degree days we’ve been having? 🙂

Mickey: Practically better. Only coughs once in a while. I can live with that — we still have 3 days of meds left for him.
Wt: 142.0 (Yeah, but the huge Shamrock Shake yesterday was WELL worth it!)
Mood: Springlike
Work docket: Already did my “Very Special Edition of Static” section. Next is Parenting Today, followed by a job fair page update and (hopefully) some work in our Living section.
Lunch Plans: Brought a Smart Ones Chicken bowl meal
Afternoon/Evening: Unknown. Will probably include folding laundry.

Where is the outrage? Israeli Bulldozer Kills U.S. Woman, 23 Yes, she was an idiot, but what would the story have been like had she been protesting on behalf of Israel? Would it have been buried like this?

On a happier note, David sent me flowers yesterday. Daisies, no less!! (They’re my fave flower) Unfortunately, they arrived after I went home, but that means I had a beautiful surprise waiting for me here this morning! 🙂

On Saturday, the Wings beat the League-Leading Buffalo Bandits 15-12. So not only did we enjoy the swankness of the balcony suite, but we also saw a fantastic (and hard-hitting) lacrosse game!

Sunday, I took Dierdre the Pain and her vassal Ursus Pu (David) to look for pieces of a bow that Pu wants. Although we didn’t find the bow guy, I did get an extra skill credit out of the deal.

Okay…back to work. Better kick out the job fair page FIRST.

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