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So last night I hurl myself into bed at 8:00.

March 14, 2003

So last night I hurl myself into bed at 8:00. I was just moody. Kudos to David for taking care of the dog’s evening medical needs while I slept.

Mickey: Coughing has definately lessened. 🙂
Wt: 139.6. Holding steady, but I didn’t have dinner last night either. I’m just not hungry at nights. Maybe I need to scale back the size of my lunches so I’m ready for dinners?
Mood: Happy, but feeling overworked.
Work docket: Hot properties (waiting for ads now) Then I really really need to work on dining guide/chef’stable/recipes
Lunch plans: Since I didn’t food shop last night either (my cupboards are bare) I have to go out. It’s a Lenten Friday, which means I’m meatless today.
Afternoon: YMCA. Genuardi’s.
Evening: Unknown. The guild’s running another Aerlinthe quest tonight at 9pm est. I may go. Not sure.
Weekend: Saturday: Wings game at 8:00pm — balcony suite, baby!!! Sunday: Church at 8:30 am. Rest of weekend unknown.
Listening to: Chicago soundtrack

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