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Wow…am still in shock over Elizabeth Smart’s return

March 13, 2003

Wow…am still in shock over Elizabeth Smart’s return. While I’m thrilled she’s home, if you know me, you know I have some theories about this. Read more about it and see what you think. I mean…when would a girl who went from a pampered suburban life to the life of a drifter end up GAINING weight? Then again, the pics that the family put out around the time of her kidnapping were NOT recent. That’s weirdy too.

Mickey: Didn’t ‘honk’ at all during the night, but started this morning when he woke up. I haven’t brought anything new into the house.

Wt: 139.6. I’m impressed. But then again, I didn’t have dinner last night. (wasn’t hungry) If it takes me skipping a meal a day to get to the 130’s, I’m just going to call it off right now. No number’s worth skipping meals for.
Mood: Happy. Happy that I think the dog’s getting better. Happy about Elizabeth Smart, and hoping she gets real honest-to-God help.
Work docket: Did communties. Will do scrapbook, post the ‘training’ guide from yesterday onto the Intranet, and update recipes.
Lunch plans: Gotta go out. Didn’t food shop yet.
Afternoon/Evening: I guess I gotta food shop. 😉
Listening to: Wild, Cool & Swinging Vocals: Bobby Darin

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