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T’was a pretty productive day.

March 10, 2003

T’was a pretty productive day. Jersey Arts took up most of my day, and will probably get finished before I leave tomorrow. I worked through lunch (bad habit) and grabbed a Subway sandwich on the way home. Went to the Y, which was delightfully sauna-like. Did my usual stuff there. Came home, snagged Pain some Greater Shadow Celdon (thanks to Shadow Runner who supplied the scints), THEN I cleaned and mopped the kitchen and bathroom.

Now, it’s unwinding time. I’m printing some pictures to bring into work. I’m trying to redo my workspace.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but I’m really starting to waver on my abortion position. Once staunchly pro-choice, I’m now finding myself making more and more exceptions. Like, I’m in favor of abortion ONLY if…. but NOT for anything else. I think partial birth abortions are just wrong. And when I read the article about 24-week old fetuses actually being conscious, my stomach dropped. If I start moving toward the pro-life side of the argument, does that make me less of a modern woman? Is it possible to have more-conservative beliefs without becoming the Church Lady?

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