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Oh…I am exhausted.

March 10, 2003

Oh…I am exhausted.

The Aerlinthe quest went off as scheduled, and it looked like it was going to be fantastic until at the last minute, it was jumped. What that means is that our group (I think there were at least a dozen of us) did all of the fighting and hit the checkpoints necessary to get the quest rolling. However, once we got the castle entrance portal to open, someone jumped in ahead of us and killed Lady Aerfalle before we even got inside. Unfortunately, this person belongs to a guild called “Aerlinthe police” and their whole MO is just to ruin the Aerlinthe quest for everybody else. 🙁 This person also took all of the keys from Aerfalle’s body. So unless you already had a key, you couldn’t get any of the treasures. Fortunately, I had a key already so I did snag the robe, staff, sword and scroll that I needed. Other guildmates weren’t so lucky. 🙁

I didn’t get offline until almost 1 am. Not good.

Mood: Sleeeeeeeepy, but determined to make the best of my job and not to let it get me down. I hope this week’s less stressful than last.
Work docket: Already updated/redid Ingle’s and Lank’s sections. I’m waiting for 5 hot job ads to convert, then I’ll do that. And then I’ll start Jersey Arts.
Lunch plans: Subway or a salad.
Afternoon: YMCA
Evening: probably catch up on sleep, though LadyGypsy.net’s in need of an update.

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