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March 7, 2003

March 7, 2003

Happy Birthday PopPop!!!
Your card’s honestly, truly in the mail!

So yesterday I went home from work, slept for two hours, went out to eat (Olive Garden) had a glass of WINE with dinner, went home, went to bed. An evening that boring almost makes me think I don’t deserve to have a website, much less a blog.

Wt: Didn’t weigh. Still happy from yesterday…don’t want to lose that feeling yet, since I’m inevitably going to bounce around 140 for a while
Mood: Stressed
Work docket: Hot properties (waiting on ads), banner for Mall Chevy, start Jersey arts supplement
Afternoon plans: Maybe take it easy because…
Evening plans: Early dinner (to celebrate the 139-age and bring me back over 140 again for sure) and then to Williamstown Middle School to see John Blackwell perform in Jekyll and Hyde at 8:00. Aerlinthe quest at midnight. 🙂
Weekend: Saturday: Wings game at 1:00 pm. Sunday: unknown
Health: Still snotty.

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