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March 6, 2003

March 6, 2003

I’d like to thank the Academy….
139 lbs...w00t!
Yesssssssss! Yar! W00t! I AM the shiznit…I r0x0r! Check it out! For the first time since, oh, let’s say 1997, I see the 130s on the scale!! Go Kimmy! Go Kimmy! Go! Go! Go Kimmy! It’s your birthday! (insert hip-circle dance here)

(tosses confetti)

139.6! (shriek!!!)

(composes self)

Ahem…moving on with my day.

Wt: 139.6
Mood: Fricking jubliant! I’m about to go out and flip cars over in the parking lot as a display of enthusiasm
Work docket: More cut-n-paste monkey crap. Have to check Communities, do scrapbook, a banner for a car dealer, get trained for new ad server stuff.
Lunch plans: I’m going SHOPPING! Yar! W00t!!
Afternoon/evening plans: Don’t know, don’t care!!
Health: I was gonna call out sick today. I feel crummy. But I waddled to the scale, hopped on it, and the adrenaline just surged. So I’m here.

And if you’ll excuse me…I have some SUVs to flip!

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